Sapan Verma Solo Ad Top Class To Grow Your List Of Highly Responsive Subscribers

Sapan Verma Solo Ad Top Class To Grow Your List Of Highly Responsive Subscribers Hot

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sapan verma soloads usa top tier solo ads

GEO TRAGETING: Your offer(s) are seen by mostly English speaking visitors. More than 75% ( you can order 100% Tier 1) of the traffic you will receive comes from US, UK, CAN, AU, IE & NZ. These countries are Paypal friendly and visitors from here have bigger buying power and are more likely to buy your offer.

LIST SOURCE: My subscribers come from buying solo ads from top marketers, running facebook campaigns for bizops, WSO's and my personal buyers list. The diversified traffic sources means a higher optin rate and potential sales for you every time you buy a solo from me.

LIST GROW RATE: 150-200 new subscribers every day. Fresh List Of Optin Happy Subscribers Eager To See Your Offer

I'm adding hundreds of new subscribers to my list everyday, keeping it fresh with subscribers.

NICHES:  IM & MMO offers 


  • Solos are mostly for Internet Marketing/Make Money Online related free offers. If you want to advertise a paid offer, contact me first. While exceptions can sometimes be made, I send mostly to free offers. You of course can then have as many paid OTO’s as you wish after the subscriber has opted in to your list).
  • No swipe is needed ( I know my list best and I know how to talk to them).
  • All solos will be sent out to my lists only, NO exit pop-ups, NO traffic exchanges, NO safelists, just my list.
  • I RESERVE the right to refuse ANY solo ads. If I do not think it’s a good fit and if you cannot change the ad copy or URL, I will refund your money.
  • By placing an order for a solo ad, you agree to the no refund policy.
  • The solo ad will be sent out between 1-5 business days (if you want to know the exact date you can contact me).
  • I reserve the right to start sending traffic before the provisional date.

I Beat Expectations When It Comes To Over-Delivering: Over-delivery should be kept a surprise, but I couldn't keep a lid on this as my customers have come to expect this from me. I guarantee a minimum over-delivery of 10%, often more on top of the clicks purchased. I like to beat expectations.

DISCLAIMER: I can guarantee only the number of clicks you order and the fact that they are genuine clicks that you will receive within 1-5 days of your solo ad going out. I can NOT guarantee sales and optins. I can not determine the results you will have by using my service. Your results will depend on how well your sales funnel converts.

Tier 1% is based on my own tracking and will show over 75%. Since you might be using different tracking it might show a lower number for you and I don’t take responsibility for that.

By making your purchase for a solo ad from me, you agree that solo ads are non-tangible goods and are not covered by a refund option whatsoever, regardless of the reason why. If for whatever reason you have doubts that you can trust me or this service, do not purchase.By placing an order for a solo ad, you agree to the NO REFUND POLICY.


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