Igor Kheifets solo ads tier 1 USA clicks- free buyers and conversion review

Igor Kheifets solo ads tier 1 USA clicks- free buyers and conversion review Hot

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Oleg Mart Solo Ad Testimonial By Igor Kheifets
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USA TARGETED SOLO AD: on solo ads Igor Kheifets solo ad tier 1 USA clicks- free buyers and conversion review.  Server-Melting Targeted Traffic: No Joke... If You Got Deep Pockets To Match Your Mighty Ambition, I Can Send You More Laser-Targeted Leads You'll Know What To Do With.
NO RISK: At no extra charge and no catch, for a VERY limited time, we're inviting you to test drive our top of the line traffic at no risk to you whatsoever. Connect with me via my community profile here to see if you qualify for zero-risk 'Solo Insurance' Now*  Igor Kheifets solo ads 100% Risk-Free 'Solo Insurance' "You Get Optins Or Your Solo Is FREE!" Let me and my team take all the risk away and make your 1st solo ad totally risk-free. 

My Solos Are A Sure Thing. As you might have guessed by scrolling through all the proof on the right...My traffic converts. And unlike some shady sellers....Who attempt to conceal their low quality traffic with fake testimonials...Asking their adswap partners to vouch for their integrity......without EVER testing their clicks with their REAL money..My clients applaud the high-quality I deliver. Today, I'd like you to get a taste of the supreme quality clicks with the risk square on my shoulders with my ballsy guarantee...

DELIVERY TIME: After I've sent out your solo ad, I personally guarantee the purchased amount of clicks within 72 hours of sending. As a rule all the clicks are delivered within 24 hours or less. I reserve the right to start sending traffic to the url before the provisional date.
AD COPY:  I am sending of the link url only to MY email adcopy.
UNIQUE CLICKS: All the prices in my store are for unique clicks, not raw. Unique clicks - are clicks from different (unique) visitors. (different IP addresses). I only count unique clicks towards the overall click count of your solo ad... This way, you always get more traffic than you pay for.
TRAFFIC SOURCE: Your link will be sent to my list, the traffic will come from REAL PEOPLE clicking on the link in my email. The ONLY Reliable 100% Email Traffic Source You Can Bank On In 2015? With the mainstream traffic options crossed off your short checklist… You'll agree there's only one scalable on-demand way left to get the targeted leads you need, without getting scrutinized by fine print disclaimers or losing the shirt off your back – Email Traffic. Yet, before you can breathe a sigh of relief, another set of choking problems show up unwelcomed at your doorstep.
MY EXPERIENCE: Hi, Igor Kheifets here and I'm looking to team up with a handful of go-getters who desperately seek a reliable traffic source that delivers thousands of fresh, targeted leads every single month. Why?  Because in the past four years I drove millions of clicks for thousands of internet marketers……helping them get the optins and sales they need to drive their income through the roof.
WHY IGOR KHEIFETS SOLO AD: 1. You ought to chase many solo ad providers for weeks to deliver 1,000 unique visitors… and they can't do more than one run per month without killin' their tiny list. 2. More often than not, without even knowing, you pay different people for the SAME traffic (who just broker out your order to their buddies) - never-before-seen vicious scheme which matured just recently, already resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. These problems raise a critical concern…Can these solo ad vendors be trusted with your hard earned advertising dollars? Maybe. Maybe not.  But you'll be nodding your head in agreement when I say that investing in a bad solo ad is a luxury you can't afford, right? And it's especially true if you're a team leader who works with other people's money.  Your reputation is on the line here.
       I Might Be Able To Solve Your Traffic Worries Once And For All!  Starting today, you and your team can have as many targeted leads as necessary to satisfy your traffic craving…So whether you're looking to EXPLODE your income or just aiming to hook your team members up with a reliable, ongoing lead source that won't dry up (or both!!) – I encourage you to reach out a.s.a.p!  I look forward to helping you grow your business… change more lives and make more money for your teammates starting today… However, before I lay out specific instructions on how you can secure one of the few available spots.
     I'm only looking to link arms with serious list builders looking for long-term win-win relationships… who stand behind their product 1000%! Plus… Big Traffic calls for a Bigger Budget.  So if you're looking to scale up on a shoe-string and can't risk a giant leap forward - this may not be for you.


Igor Kheifets Biggest list building lie EVER

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Igor Kheifets review solo ads highly targeted USA clicks web traffic

Igor Solo Ad started promptly. After a few weeks of follow ups got a few sales on my second OTO. My funnel works for this traffic well.

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I should test leads responsivnes

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