Zack Randel solo ads in personal development: up to 300 clicks

Zack Randel solo ads in personal development: up to 300 clicks Hot

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Zack Randel solo ads in personal development: up to 300 clicks
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Welcome to one of the BEST solo ad experiences in the Personal Development niche. Why is my traffic some of the highest quality around? Most solo ad providers in Personal Development simply blast out to their list, without regulating tier 1 traffic, making it no different than a free ad swap.

I believe that if you're paying for traffic, it should be of a higher quality. When you invest in a solo from me, you will be receiving a 75% TIER 1 MINIMUM. That's right. 75% of the traffic you will receive to your offer will be from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. Statistically, people from these English speaking countries are more likely to make buying decisions.

Please message me first about the details of your project before buying and include the URL link to the DOWNLOAD PAGE of your free gift AND your opt-in page. Thank you!

$1.20 100 clicks in Personal Development
$1.10 200 clicks in Personal Development

Discover Why The Smartest Marketers Are Investing In Zack's Traffic And Reaping The Rewards Now
Are you ready to enjoy one of the best solo ad experiences in the Personal Development market?

Because you’ve landed on the right page.
I’ve been growing and nurturing my highly targeted and super engaged audience specifically so you can build your business the right way…

Fast and effectively.
“3 Sales + 70% Over Delivery!
I love working with him.”
Hey Zack, this is my feedback on your solo services…
Seller: Zack Randel
Clicks Ordered: 250
Clicks Delivered: 427 OMG
Conversion Rate: 22%
Sales: 3 sales
Comments: Zack is passionate about his business, and he is very friendly , I love working with him as he under-promise and over-deliver. Thanks Zack
Gin Ng Khin Wee

When You Invest In The Growth Of Your Online Business You Want To Know That You're Going To Get What You Pay For (and then some!)

On Time
You want to know that your offer is going out on time

You want communication with your solo ad provider to be easy, prompt and efficient

High Value
Most of all, you want the solo ad you invest in to add real, measurable VALUE to your business

After all, this is your business we’re talking about here!
In addition to those needs being happily met when you work with me today…
Here Are Just Some Of The Reasons You're Going To Love Doing Business With Me

Strategic Partnership
I have been trained at the Master level in numerous personal development modalities such as Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
When you work with me, you’re not just buying “another solo”. You’re strategically aligning yourself with professional who has invested a lot of time, energy and money in mastering the most cutting edge communication technologies available.
Not only that, I’ve been using these proven influence and persuasion techniques in my private clinical practice for years. What does this mean for YOU? When I speak, my audience LISTENS with “all ears” and ACTS with “both hands.”

Quality Service
I have never been interested in providing my clients with “average” results. In my private, clinical practice, senior executives and high net worth clients place a large amount of trust in me to help them achieve the results they’re looking for.
When you work with me, you can expect the highest level of service. Period.

I take what I do extraordinarily seriously. “Good enough” isn’t good enough. Nothing is more important to me than YOUR SUCCESS. My success is directly related to the results that YOU get when working with me.

Subscribers and potential buyers respond to people who they know, like and trust. I’m definitely NOT your typical “solo ad seller”.
I am an accredited Wellness Professional and have built a strong rapport with my audience through sending videos of myself sharing powerful and effective tips, techniques and advice on how to live your best life possible. Show me another solo ad vendor who does this!

Tier 1 Leads Guaranteed
When I mail out your offer, you can feel assured that it will be seen by a 75% Tier 1 minimum! That means people from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland will be engaging with your offer. Statistically, people from these, English speaking countries are much more likely to BUY.

Tailored Advice
When you invest in a solo ad with me, you’ll receive tailored advice on how to improve your email swipe copy to most effectively communicate with subscribers in the English speaking countries.

Unique Clicks Only
When you invest in a solo with me, I will be fulfilling your order registering ONLY 100% unique clicks. Raw clicks will not be counted. For example, if you invest in a 200 click solo, your offer will receive 200 UNIQUE clicks.

Fresh New Leads
My audience is constantly growing. I add fresh subscribers on a regular basis who have a keen interest in Personal Development and Self Improvement offers just like yours!

Over Delivery
My #1 goal is to make you happy. Providing my clients with more value than they paid for is simply my nature. When you invest in a solo ad from me, you will be very happy with your decision!

Here's What Others Are Saying

“82.51% tier 1 and a whopping 72% conversion rate! Highly recommend!”
Hi Zack,
Seller: Zack Randel
Clicks Purchased: 300
Clicks Delivered: 360
Conversion Rate: 72%
Tier 1: 82.51%
Comments: Thank you for a superb solo ad! Most of the traffic was from top tier countries and the conversion rate was a whopping 72%! Zack over delivered by 20% which was an awesome bonus. Excellent, quick communication and service. Highly recommend!
Tim Pond

“148% Over Delivery + Sales. 5 stars!”
Hey Zack, here’s my feedback on your solo
Seller: Zack Randel
Clicks Ordered: 150
Clicks Delivered: 372 (WOW)
Opt-in Rate: 50%
Sales: 2
Comments: More than doubled the amount of clicks I ordered. Professional and prompt. Just the type of person I love to work with. 5 stars, Thank You Zack!
Aurelijus Terminas

“22% Over Delivery + 51.7% Opt-in!
Looking forward to working with Zack again!”
Hi Zack,
Swap partner: Zack Randel
Clicks Agreed: 200
Clicks Delivered: 244
Opt-in Rate: 51.7%
Comments: Great working with Zack, He is very responsive in our communications and a very reliable partner to work with. He has a responsive list and I had a 51.7%% conversion for opt ins from a 200 clicks mailing. Looking forward to working with Zack again!
Gladys Cheow

“21.67% Over Delivery + 54% Opt-in rate!
Hope to work with you again soon.”
Hi Zack,
Swap Partner: Zack Randel
Clicks Agreed: 300
Clicks Delivered: 365
Opt-in Rate: 54%
Comments: Great swap my friend highly responsive list. Hope to work with you again soon.
Loki Ong

“29.33% Over Delivery! The results were always awesome.”
Hey Zack,
Swap partner: Zack Randel
Clicks Agreed: 300
Clicks Delivered: 388
Opt-in Rate: 34.64 %
Comments: Zack is easy to work with and is super flexible. I’ve swapped with Zack on a few occasions and the results were always awesome. Looking forward to our next swap!
Nicolas Tan

“I highly recommend his solo ads service!”
Swap partner: Zack Randel
Clicks Agreed: 300
Clicks Delivered: 301
Opt-in Rate: 30%
Comments: Just had a nice swap with Zack in November. He is very nice and easy to work with. The clicks were delivered very timely. I highly recommend his solo swaps/ads service!
Amy Hsu

“Achieved target and beyond… 110% over delivery!”
Swap partner: Zack Randel
Clicks Agreed: 200
Clicks Delivered: 420
Opt-in Rate: 26.81%
Comments: Good ad swap with Zack, happy with the result. Achieve target and beyond. Looking forward to working with Zack again. Thanks.
John Tan

“One of the top sellers to buy from.“
Hi Zack,
Seller: Zack Randel
Clicks Purchased: 500
Clicks Delivered: 679
Opt-in Rate: Over 50%
Sales: 1
Comments: Good solo! 36% overdelivery and over 50% conversion rate for optins. Very professional seller to work with. One of the top sellers to buy from.
Alex Johansson

“His traffic is definitely high quality and highly targeted…
I definitely recommend his solo ads!”
Hi Zack,
Thank you!
Sure! Here goes my testimonial: I have received over 300 clicks from Zack and his traffic is definately high quality and highly targeted. My optinrate was above 50% which is good. Zack is a reliable partner to work with and I definitely recommend his solo ads.
Looking forward to working with you in the future.
Alex Johansson


How have you grown your list, Zack?
I have built my list using high quality lead generating methods where my offer is the ONLY offer being promoted. Solo ads and ad swaps have been my go-to method of building my highly responsive audience fast and effectively.

What kind of offers work best for your list?
This Personal Development audience typically responds very well to offers relating to LOA, empowerment, abundance/prosperity, love/relationships as well as tools and techniques on how to let go of stress, overcome blocks and limiting beliefs and in general, this audience is interested in offers which help them to live their best life.

Do you provide any marketing materials when we work together?
Assistance with solo ads is offered on a case by case basis, depending on individual client needs. Once your offer/funnel has been reviewed, we may offer tailored suggestions with the goal of improving your results. These suggestions can cover areas such as, copywriting, graphic design and specific funnel improvements. If you would like additional assistance, we can build a custom squeeze page for you.

Will you mail directly to a sales page?
For optimal results and ROI, we suggest you drive our targeted traffic to a squeeze page where you can capture leads, grow your list and follow up with them using your OTO’s then. It’s been shown that subscribers are more likely to buy once they have developed some kind of rapport with you.

Do you make any guarantees?
In addition to our highest level of service, communication and professionalism, we can and do guarantee that you will receive a minimum of 70% tier 1 traffic to your offer. Tier 1 percentage usually exceeds 70% due to the high quality of our audience. We do our very best to provide you with the best results, however, it is up to you, the buyer, to have an effective marketing/sales funnel in place so that you can achieve your desired result.

How soon can you mail for me once I've purchased?
The mailing date for your solo will be agreed upon before you purchase your solo. Once you have purchased, the agreed upon date will be reserved for you. As the mailing schedule does fill up quite fast, it is recommended to contact me ASAP to request your preferred mailing date.

DISCLAIMER: I cannot determine the results you will achieve with your solo ad. It is the buyers responsibility to have a converting offer and sales funnel. The buyer should be aware of his/her opt-in and conversion numbers etc. What I can guarantee is that you will receive the amount of clicks that you paid for as well as my highest level of service and professionalism.

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