Solo Ad: Refers to an single email advertisement message that goes out “solo” with no other ads or content. A dedicated offer promoting just your product or service. You control the subject line, the body copy, the call to action, and sometimes even the from field. Traffic from Solos is highly responsive since you have the recipients’ full attention. You’ll often get more leads and sales from the same number of clicks.

Number one mistake of solo ad buyers and what solo ad sellers don't want you to know

Sellers love to drive attention on the opt in conversion rate. And that is very important metric. But you as a seller should focus beyond conversion rates. Traffic from China or India may convert 2 or 5 times better than traffic from USA. And this ss a newbies trap. 

Fewer, but more responsive clicks?

So how do you deal with vendors who insist on writing the teaser copy for you, and making it generic enough so that they can sell excess traffic to your competition?

Simple, you play hard-ball:

1. Insist on using your own creative (advertisement email copy): Don’t let them use generic ads that are non-specific. If you are promoting an "options trading" system, make sure there’s something in the ad about that so prospect has a clue as to what they are clicking through to.

2. Use an article or squeeze page lander: If they won’t allow you to write the teaser ad, and you decide to test with them anyway, this is a perfect time to use an article or squeeze page lander. That way, you can compare the number of clicks to the number of opt-ins or click through and actual interest in what you are selling. We do this all the time with new lists. You really don’t know how many qualified prospects are in any particular audience until you run them through a lander or squeeze.

3. Match the message with the offer: Regardless of whether or not you create the teaser ad, you should always be aware of what is being sent. That way you can match up the message with the landing page to create continuity. In the above example, you’d probably include something about investing as opposed to getting out of debt.

If you can’t negotiate the above conditions, we recommend you pass, or at the very least only run a small test to see whether or not there’s any life to the audience.

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