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When you buy a solo ad from me I filter off a lot of the junk countries, so I can provide 70-75% tier 1 traffic all the way. Yes my prices are a little more expensive but look at what you are getting.


NOTE: I've been selling solo ads for over 3 years now , and have just about had it with the vast amount of crappy quality traffic currently being hawked around for 'cheap' prices. Look where your money is going people! Ok you can buy 500 clicks for $150 but where exactly are they coming from? India? China? Nigeria? This traffic is worthless… non English speaking and not a credit card in sight. If you are selling solo ads for MOBE, affiliate offers, or want to do any CPA either for yourself or your clients - then you are just throwing your money away. Do everything you can to get the best traffic possible.  If that means paying a little more money then so what? You are arguing over $5 or $10.

I'm sure you know that the best kind of emails to have on your lists are tier 1 countries (UK,US,CA,NZ,AUS) I see people boasting all the time that their solos will have 55-65% tier 1, with the remainder made up from tier 2, or 'international' (INTL) traffic. I have bought solos myself the last few months that only had around 50% tier 1 traffic! So - watch what you are buying and from whom! You may be getting a lower price on your clicks initially, but 30% or more of them will be junk.

Q and A:

Q. What % of T1 traffic do you provide in your solos?
You will get a guaranteed 70-75% Tier 1 countries (GB,US,CA,AU,NZ) in any solo you buy from me.

Q. Will you knock $10 off your price for me? How about $5?

No I will not. This is fast getting to be a sore point with me and many others in the business. I spent a year working my ass off up to 18 hours a day to build my solos business, and reputation, up to the point where it is now, and continue to work 7 days a week on it. Read about it here if you want. When you commit this much time and effort to something, when you make your living off solos as I do, and someone comes in and starts haggling you over $5 or $10, well it does several things. 1) It makes you look like a cheapskate. 2) It belittles everything I put into building my business up 3) It plain annoys me! My prices are below.....

Q. Will you do me a "first time buyer" discount?
No I will not. I don't even know who introduced this nonsense but I'm not buying into it. If you have already bought clicks from me a few times then we can talk about a potential discount. If I don't know you and you don't know me, then why should I give you any money off my clicks at all? I'm providing a service, and a good one at that. I work hard, 7 days a week to constantly provide clicks that get testimonials like these. Sorry but just because you want to buy some clicks from me does not mean you automatically qualify for a discount. That's not how I work and not how I run my business.


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